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Wavie Made It also known as his musician artist name C.Wavie is raised and born in Toronto Canada. Wavie started his career early as a teen, when he discovered music and released his first single, "I Never Lied." His creative abilities didn't just end there, he discovered a passion for fashion and art. 


He says, "When I started making clothing, it was just for me to look good and feel good, at the time I couldn’t afford to buy my own clothing from stores, and I wanted to look up to date with the latest trends. I turned my struggle into something positive by making my own clothes, which I felt cooler. I would go to thrift stores and Value Village, learnt how to use a sewing machine on Youtube, and instantly my clothes were all made by me!" 

As a teen, Wavie always loved street art and graffiti spoke to him, and the culture behind it. Art found him. He discovered his passion for art the moment he would custom his clothing with spray painting them or painting on his jackets. He turned his creations onto a blank canvas for the first time and suddenly realized how good he is at it and how much fun he was having!  Wavie makes and does many things, but art has become grown into his passion that has always been his inspiration from all his works! 

"I can make all things. I have lots of passions and don’t focus on just one category and that is how my art name 'Wavie Made It' came to life." Wavie says.